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The Farmers at Reinåmoen

The study is based on the following sources:

  • Hemnes gård og slekt (Hemnes bygdebok 1992), pages 804 - 809. 
  • Gårdshistorie (Farm history) for Reinåmoen, by Johan G. Reinåmo / Ståle Reinåmo 
  • Notes and other information

This summary was compiled for the web by Carl Anders Olsson. (Translated on October 8, 2001 and later updated). The emphasis in the summary is on Unit No 2, since this is our own farm.
Last Update / Upload: 21. februar 2004

Farmers at Reinåmoen: (Farm No 131, Hemnes Parish, Nordland, Norway)

Before the split-up in 1810:
Before 1783:  Nils Reinåmo, Lars Mogensen, Anders Larsen Reinåmo, Lars Andersen Reinåmo
1783 – 1810:  Gabriel Larsen

Unit No 2:
1810 – 1885:  John Pedersen, Peder Johnsen
After 1885: Arnt Pedersen, Johan Pedersen, Gulle Hansen, Johan G. Reinåmo, Kari Reinåmo

Unit No 1: Lars Gabrielsen, Christoffer Larssen, Peder Pedersen, Johannes Iversen, Nils Johannessen, Johan N. Reinåmo, John Reinåmo, Jorunn Reinåmo

Unit No 3 (No 1 was split in 1862 into No 1 and No 3): Samuel Larssen, Anton Ivarsen, Petter Trones, Nikolai Johansen, Asbjørn Johansen

Unit No x ("husmannsplass" under No 1. Later a unit of its own) Hans Nilsen, Gulle Hanssen, Gabriel Gabrielsen, Georg Johan Gabrielsen, Nils Martin Reinåmo, Knut Reinåmo

Unit No 9 (split up from No 1 in 1949): Hans Reinåmo, Torfinn Reinåmo

Farmers at  Reinåmoen
1. Nils Reinåmo was the first tenant at Reinåmoen, which was mentioned for the first time in taxation lists dated 1697 and 1701. He seems to be the one who opened up this land to farming. We believe that farming at Reinåmoen started in about 1690. As a rule the first five years were not taxed.

In the regular tax list of 1701 there is mention of a new man at Reinåmo:

2. Lars Mogensen, age 40, with one son living at home, Anders, age 1. Lars Mogensen died  before June 16, 1718, when an inventory was made of his estate.

Lars came from Finnbakken in the Leirskar valley. In the 1666 census he was 3 years old.

3. Anders Larsen Reinåmo, ca. 1700 – 1743, was the tenant after his father here at Reinåmoen. He was married to Marith Pedersdatter Forsbakk, on October 16, 1718. Their children were:

  • Marith. Baptised February 12, 1720.
  • Lars. Baptised on Midsummer's Day, 1722, died March 22, 1782. He was the farmer at Reinåmoen after his father.
  • Peder. Baptised August 27, 1724, buried June 1, 1743.
  • Ellen. Baptised February 23, 1727.

In 1725 Anders Larsen Reinåmo was summoned to court by Herr Reinholdt Tostrup - vicar of Rødøy - for failing to deliver an order of timber to build a new church in Rødøy. The timber was due to be collected in spring, and when the vicar's people came to fetch it, they got nothing. It seems the case withered away. The vicar of Rødøy got his church timber from elsewhere, and there was no further case against Anders Larsen.

It would seem that people in the area trusted Anders Larsen Reinåmo. At the age of 31 he and Aron Agustinussen - farmer at Holmslett - were appointed by the farmers of Rana (and Vefsn) to go to Copenhagen - the Capital of Denmark/Norway - to complain about the unfair taxes that were levied on the tenants.

On June 6, 1743 there was an inventory after Anders Larsen Reinåmo and surviving wife Marith Pedersdatter.

4. Lars Andersen Reinåmo, born 1722, was married on September 29, 1745 to Malena Kristine Nilsdatter. She died around 1775. Their children were:

  • Erik Larsen. Baptised October 23, 1746.
  • Anders Larsen. Baptised January 23, 1748 and 1757.
  • Rakel Christine Larsdatter. Baptised January 19, 1749.
  • Nils Jakob Larsen. Baptised January 6, 1751.
  • Peder Larsen. Baptised February 2, 1753.
  • Ole Larsen. Baptised May 15, 1755.
  • Adrian Larsen. Baptised January 9, 1757.
  • Ellen Dorthea Larsdatter. Baptised August 17, 1759.
  • Andrine Marie Larsdatter. Baptised September 11, 1763.
  • Beret Anna Larsdatter. Baptised November 19, 1766.
  • Nils Larsen. Baptised October 6, 1768. Drowned in the river Røssåga in 1782.

Widower Lars was married in 1777 to Johanna Samuelsdatter Villmo, baptised March 4, 1753, died November 7, 1825. They had 3 children:

  • Samuel Larsen. Born October 13, 1777.
  • Malena Kristine. Born October 26, 1779. Married at Samuelmoen.
  • Marit. Born May 9, 1781, died March 4, 1782.

Lars Andersen Reinåmo died March 22, 1782, and widow Johanna Samulesdatter was married again on July 6, 1783 to Gabriel Larsen Oldernes.

5. Gabriel Larsen Oldernes, baptised March 31, 1755, died April 12, 1829, was the eldest son of Marit Danielsdatter Oldernes and Lars Gabrielsen Geitvik. Being the eldest son he was supposed to take over his parents' farm, but he preferred Reinåmoen, and, so they say, widow Johanna, to Olderneset.

Together with Johanna he had 7 children:

  • Marit Gabrielsdatter, born September 1,1783, died April 10, 1853.
  • Davine Gabrielsdatter, born June 13, 1785. Married at Nerleir, died 1873.
  • Pernille Gabrielsdatter, born June 13, 1787. Married at Meland, died 1855.
  • Lars Gabrielsen, born May 13, 1790, died 1872.
  • Karen Gabrielsdatter, born August 5, 1792. Married at Millingsjord, died 1855.
  • Johanna Gabrielsdatter, born April 4, 1795. Married at Meland, died 1865.
  • Elisabeth Gabrielsdatter, born June 26, 1796, died 1869. Married in 1821 to Peder Augustinussen at Lille Brygfjeld 2

All children were living at home at the time of the 1801 census.

In 1825 Reinåmoen was officially split into two farms, North and South Reinåmo. Gabriel's son, Lars, got the Southern part (Unit No 1), and his daughter Marit the Northern part (Unit No 2) , together with her husband, John Pedersen. The actual splitting-up of the farm must have been made some years earlier, around 1810.

Old Gabriel and wife are believed to have moved across the creek to South Reinåmo at the split-up.

Farm Unit No 2

6. John Pedersen Reinåmo, born 1784 at Nilsmoen, Herringbygda. He was married in 1809 to Marit Gabrielsdatter here (eldest child above). He still kept his legal rights to Nilsmoen. John died at age 69 as "kårmann" at Nilsmoen. ("kår" means that former farmers and their families have certain legal rights after they retire and grow old, the right of a house, etc.). Buried in Herringbygda in Vefsn.

John Pedersen and Marit Gabrielsen had these children:

  • Maren Johnsdatter, born 1810, died 1859. Married at Nerleir to Henrik Larsen.
  • Johanna Johnsdatter, born 1811, died 1892. Married at Bjurselmo to Mattias Davidsen. 12 children.
  • Per Johnsen, born 1813, died 1898. Farmer at Reinåmo. 3 children.
  • Gabriel Johnsen, born 1818, died 1890. Lived at Reinåmo, and as a bachelor he had a child with Andrine Jeremiassen Røsvassbukt. 2 children.
  • Ane Marie Johnsdatter, born 1820, died 1899. Married to David Pedersen at Stien (Bjerkalia). 7 children.
  • Ole Johnsen, born 1823, died 1907. In 1863 he was a farmer at Flotmo in Elsfjord and married to widow Pernille Henriksdatter. No children.
  • Johan Johnsen, born 1826, died 1869. Was a farmer at Finneide and married to widow Ragnhild Johanna.

7. Per Johnsen Reinåmo, the eldest, was the farmer after his father. He was married on July 12, 1846 to Karen Arntsdatter Trettbakk, born July 23, 1815, died August 6, 1898. They had 3 children:

  • Arnt Pedersen, born Feb 22 (or 20), 1846. Emigrated to the USA (Baldwin, WI) on August 5, 1882.
    One daughter out of wedlock in Norway, Karen Arntsdatter, born March 27, 1881.
  • Johan Pedersen, born October 16, 1847, died December 21, 1924. Farmer at Reinåmoen.
  • Maren Gurine Pedersdatter, born January 2, 1852, died January 29, 1852, aged only 4 weeks.

Per Johnsen was good at distilling booze, and he often had a bit too much to drink. The public road ran straight through his farm at that time, and people often stopped to have a rest. They were often treated to a drink or two.

Per and his uncle Lars (at South Reinåmo) built boats together. At the hand-overs they had drinks to go with the settlement and the price was discussed with the customers. Now, Lars gave Per too much to drink so that he couldn't follow the discussion. Thus Per was made a poor man, and by the time Ane (his daughter-in-law) came to Reinåmoen the economy was bad. She has said at first they only had a log for a pillow.

8a. Arnt Pedersen Reinåmo, born February 22, 1846, died Nov 23, 1924 in Fargo, North Dakota. Arnt was farming together with his brother Johan (8b). They took over the farm some time between 1865 and 1875. Arnt went to America in 1882, sailed from Trondheim on August 3. In the USA he married Lorentse Olava Iversdatter, born October 12, 1857 at Smalsundmoen in Hemnes, she died 1939 in Fargo, North Dakota. Arnt was buried at Hemnes cemetery along the Red river south of Fargo.

Before Arnt left he had a daughter with Olava Zachrine Jacobsdatter, born 1849, from Trettbakk:

  • Karen Jakobea Arntsdatter, born March 27, 1881, died 1951, married at Øverleir.

With his wife Lorentse he had a son:

  • Peter Peterson, born 1884 in Baldwin, Wisconsin.

8b. Johan Pedersen Reinåmo, born October 16, 1847, died in December 1924. Johan was the farmer after his father. He was married to Ane Iversen Tverrå, born February 15, 1839, at Tverråen, died at Reinåmoen on March 4, 1916. They only had one child:

  • Petra Kristine, born March 6, 1881, died April 15, 1935.

Being 8 years younger than her sister Gisken, Ane was living and working in Gisken's house at farm unit No 1  (farmer c: Peder Pedersen), and, obviously, that's how Johan met her. There was a maid at his own farm who was also interested in Johan, and this caused tension between house-wife Ane and her maid for a long time.

Johan and Ane didn't want their daughter to grow up as an only child, so they took in a girl of 6 years from Villmoen, Anna Eriksen, to be raised together with Petra. Johan Pedersen was a tenant after his father on his mother Karen's contract, until the farm was bought in 1885. Johan wasn't the oldest son so he obtained written permission from his brother in America to buy the farm. Ane had a bit of money from her native Tverrå, so they were lucky to be in a financial position to buy.

Johan kept in touch with his brother Arnt for as long as he lived, but Arnt's son Peter couldn't write Norwegian so they lost contact.

Mother Karen lived until 1898.

9. Gulle H. Hansen, born January 25, 1865 to parents Hans Gullesen, from Bjerkadal, and Marit Iversen, from Trettbakk, farmers at Jamtjord in Leirskardalen. He was supposed to be the farmer at his parents' farm, but he married Petra, Johan's daughter, and moved here. Together they had 7 children:

  • Johan, born August 18, 1902, died 1918. No children.
  • Hanna, born January 7, 1905, died 1992. No children.
  • Georg, born July 28, 1907, died 1921. No children.
  • Bergljot, born July 8, 1911, died 2003. No children.
  • Ane, born November 16, 1916, died 1937. No children.
  • Johan, born May 27, 1919, died 1986. Farmer at Reinåmoen.
  • Georg, born April 9, 1922, died 1991. No children. Farmer at Reinåmoen.

10. Johan G. Reinåmo, born May 27, 1919, died October 28, 1986. Married in 1950 to Dagmar Nyvoll, born February 29, 1920 in Straumbygda. They had 2 children:

  • Ståle, born August 6, 1952
  • Kari, born August 15, 1954

Johan, Georg, Hanna and Bergljot got a joint deed to the farm in 1944. Johan was the farmer and Georg had the forest and the saw-mill. When Johan married, his siblings moved to another location on the farm and built new houses there.

The farming part was let for a period of 10 years starting in 1983.

11. Kari Reinåmo, born August 15, 1954. She took over the farm in 1993 from her mother and aunt. Married in 1980 to Carl-Anders Olsson, born November 22, 1946 in Nyköping, Sweden. They had 3 children:

  • Maja, born February 18, 1980
  • Gustav, born August 19, 1982
  • Johan, born July 6, 1987

Kari joined the Reinåga Samdrift cooperation in 2007, as did units 1 and 3.

Farm Unit No 1

a) Lars Gabrielsen, born May 13, 1790, died November 20, 1872. Married (1) in 1821 to Zachrine Samuelsdatter, born 1798 at Nerleir 5, died September 30, 1836 at Reinåmo 1. Lars and Zachrine had 8 children:

  • Gurina Zachrina, born April 5, 1822.
  • Jacob Andreas, born May 8, 1823.
    Jacob had a son out of wedlock, Kristian Mathinus Jacobsen, born March 6, 1947. His mother was Dorthea Eriksdatter. Kristian emigrated to the USA in 1882. He lived in Woodville, WI, and died in 1935.
  • Samuel, born June 5, 1824. Farmer at unit 3 from 1862.
  • Johanna Zachrina, born July 29, 1826. Married in 1855 to Gulle Pedersen at Lille Brygfjeld 2 (her 1st cousin!)
  • Johanna had 4 children who emigrated to the USA: Zachrine Kjerstine (Christine), Lorentse Elisabeth ("Laura" - in Rutland, ND, in 1892), Jakobea Johanna, and Gulle Johan (Gilbert).
  • Edvard Christian, born April 10, 1828. Emigrated to the USA in 1865. Homestead in Irving township, Kandiyohi county, Minnesota.
  • Gabriel, born May 14, 1830. Emigrated to the USA (Fargo, ND) on July 12, 1882.  He was a "husmann" at this farm from around 1865 until he emigrated. Not married in Norway.
  • Gulle Zacharias, born October 30, 1833.
  • Lovise Zachrine, born June 7, 1835, died after 1890 in Washington state. Emigrated to the USA in 1869.  Listed in the 1885 census for Dakota territory (Richland county) in the same group as her brother Gabriel. At that time she was married and had 6 children. Her eldest, Sakrine (Jacobine),  was born in Norway. Lovise married Johan Petter Mathiassen, her cousin Johanna's son. They were married in Korgen on June 30, 1867.

After Zachrine's death in 1836 Lars was married again on July 16, 1837 to her 16 years younger sister, Kirsten Samuelsdatter, born 1814 at Nerleir 5, died abt. 1895 in Minnesota. Lars and Kirsten had 4 children:

  • Ane Marie Juul, born December 25, 1836. Emigrated to the USA in 1883. Anne had a daughter out of wedlock, Charlotte Kristine Antonsdatter, born November 3, 1860. Charlotte's father was Anthon Myhre from Hemnesberget. Charlotte died on August 8, 1879. Anne never married. She worked as a servant. Finally in old age she lived with her nephew Gilbert Peterson and is buried in Lyons Township cemetery, Wadena County.
  • Christoffer Zakarias, born May 18, 1838, died April 3, 1903 in the USA. Farmer at Reinåmo 1. See below.
  • Ludvig, born March 13, 1848. Emigrated to the USA in 1866 (together with Christoffer?) He was present at the formation of Hemnes Church at Hickson, Dakota terr. on September 4, 1871. He lived in Washington state in 1900.
  • Maren Jacobea, born November 1, 1850. Emigrated by way of Namsos to the USA in 1879 with her husband Jacob Andersen and child Lina/Lena. Maren (Mary) and Jacob settled in Irving twp, Kandiyohi county, Minnesota. In abt. 1896 they moved to Cass county, MN. Lena was born in July 1877 in Norway, probably in Vefsn. They had five more children in America, all born in Irving: August Rossie (1881), Elmer Martin (1888), John M (1889-1918, killed in WW1), Ludwig "Lewis" Edmar (1891) and Emma Laurina (1895). The family settled in Irving in 1879.  In 1890 Jacob bought the NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 Section 9, Irving Township. They sold this land in 1896, and moved to Home Brook Township in Cass County, Minnesota, where Jacob bought land in Section 22 in 1902.  The family lived there until at least 1905, but can't be found in the 1910 census. The family was rather poor when they lived in Irving. In 1894 a doctor in New London took up a collection to get shoes for some poor children in the township, and Jacob's family was included in the effort. Jacob must have died right around 1910, and then the family moved to Rainier, Oregon. Maren died on 10 Aug, 1937.

The protocol for emigrants (http://digitalarkivet.uib.no/) shows one Kjerstine Samuelsdatter, from Hemnæs, age 65, who went by ship from Trondheim on June 12, 1879. Her destination is listed as Atwater, Minnesota. The age is right, and she had children in Minnesota. The farm had been sold, and there was nothing to keep her here. She appears in the 1880 census for Kandiyohi county as Christine Samoset. She was still living with her daughter Maren in 1895.

b) Chistoffer Larssen, born May 18, 1838, died April 3, 1903 in the  USA. Married in 1864 to Anna Jacobsdatter, born 1839 at Jerpbakken. They had 1 child while still in Norway:

  • Lars Kristian, born March 24, 1865.

Christoffer and Anna emigrated with their son to the USA in 1866, where they had 7 more children in addition to Lars. They were: Christine (1867), Hjertine (1870), Martin (1871), Carrie (?), John (?), Tobias (?) and Annie (1876). Christine was born in Wisconsin, the others in Minnesota. They emigrated by the frigate «Norden» from Bodø to Quebec. Homestead in Irving township, Kandiyohi county, Minnesota. Christoffer and his wife Anna were chartered members of the Nordland Lutheran church in Kandiyohi county.

c) Peder Pedersen, born March 25, 1819 at Ytterleiren 2, died January 24, 1881 at Reinåmo 1. Married in 1878 to Gisken Iversdatter, born 1831, died July 7, 1895. They had no chidren.

Gisken was the sister of Ane Iversen (married to Johan Pedersen at No 2). I have found no clue why Peder came to Reinåmo.

d) Johannes Iversen, born March 22, 1850, at Bollermoen, died November 29, 1927. Married in 1880 to Kristense Elisabeth Kristensdatter, born 1849 at Tortenli (in Hattfjelldal), died July 9, 1926. They had 4 children:

  • Christine Helene, born November 8, 1881, died June 2, 1958. Married in 1910 at Troneset to Anders Andersen.
  • Hans Johan, born October 5, 1883. Emigrated to the USA in 1904 (North Dakota). Died abt 1917 from injuries when a rifle ex
  • Nils Christian, born December 3, 1885, died November 19, 1953.  Farmer at Reinåmo 1.
  • Johan Christian, born March 22, 1889. Emigrated to the USA in 1910.

e) Nils Johannessen, born December 3, 1885, died November 19, 1953. Married in 1909 to Matilde Antonsen, born 1888 at Tømmermoen, died December 27, 1980. They had 4 children:

  • Agnes Petrine, born May 15, 1908, died November 2, 1932?.
  • Johan Kristian, born April 15, 1910, died July 26, 2000. Farmer at Reinåmo 1.
  • Nils Martin, born January 19, 1913, died February 10, 1989. Farmer at Brennhaug ("husmannsplass" belonging to unit 1).
  • Hans Johan, born November 30, 1923. Farmer at Reinåmo 9 (split up from unit 1 in 1949).

f) Johan N. Reinåmo, born April 15, 1910, died July 26, 2000. Married in 1942 to Maren Kathrine Bech, born July 19, 1913 at Troneset. They had 3 children:

  • John Magne, born May 15, 1943. Farmer at Reinåmo 1.
  • Anvor Kristine, born July 7, 1944. Lives at Snåsa in Nord-Trøndelag fylke.
  • Agnes Petrine, born May 11, 1947. Lives at Bleikvasslia.

Johan G. Reinåmo (at No 2) and Johan N. Reinåmo (at No 1) used the first initials of the names of their fathers to avoid confusion with mail, etc. They were referred to as Johan G and Johan N in everyday life.

g) John Reinåmo, born May 15, 1943. Married in 1976 to Bjørghild Olava Innerdal, born 1956 at Bryggfjelldalen 1. They had 3 children:

  • Jorunn Beate, born October 24, 1976. Farmer at Reinåmo 1.
  • Renate, born January 17, 1979
  • Nils, born June 27, 1987

h) Jorunn Reinåmo, born October 24, 1976, tokk over on January 1, 2004. Jorunn married Kjell Rune Roghell in 2004, and they have two children:

  • Jonas,
  • Aksel,

Farm Unit No 3

I) Samuel Larssen, born June 5, 1824, died October 31, 1903. Married in 1873 to Anna Andersdatter, born 1836 at Presteng, died June 6, 1921. They had 5 children:

  • Hans Kristian, born September 3, 1868, died 1951 in Tacoma, WA. Emigrated in 1900.
  • Zakrine Lovise, born June 10, 1873, died abt. 1923 in Tacoma, WA. Emigrated in 1901.
  • Ingeborg Elisabeth, born September 19, 1875, died March 27, 1942.
  • Anna Susanna, born September 17, 1877.
  • Lydia Albertine, born November 3, 1885, died September 26, 1903.

II) Anton Iversen, born 1884 at Lille Brygfjeld (Rundmoen), died August 17, 1921. Married in 1910 to Ingeborg, Samuel's daughter. They had 3 children:

  • Karl Sigvard Lund, born June 10, 1908, died Feb 14, 1942, in a fire.
  • Ivar Anker, born January 19, 1912
  • Ingrid Antonette, born April 16, 1914, died November 3, 1996. Married in 1942 to Trygve Eilif Krokmo.

When Ingrid and Trygve were married in 1942 they moved into a new house at Bjuråmoen (1 mile south of Reinåmoen), and Ingrid's mother and brother moved in with them. The house caught fire and Karl was killed. Their mother Ingeborg died from her injuries six weeks later in hospital in Sandnessjøen.

After Anton died in 1921 the family sold the farm to his sister and his brother-in-law ...

III) Petter Trones, born 1887 at Troneset, died October 5, 1977. Married in 1913 to Anna Iverine Iversen, born December 29, 1891, at Lille Brygfjeld (Rundmoen), died December 19, 1971. They had 6 children:

  • Agnes Dorthea, born May 25, 1912, died March 17, 1985 at Skreslett. Married to Anders Skreslett.
  • Marie Katrine, born November 1, 1914. Lives at Reinåmoen on the farm. Married to Per Skreslett, Anders' brother.
  • Tora Kristine, born September 30, 1916, died November 21, 1985 at Reinåmo 9. Married to Hans Reinåmo from No 1.
  • Reidun, born February 28, 1920. Married to Hans Brendmo at Jamtjord (Leirskar)
  • Anna Iverta, born September 15, 1923, died July 3, 1991. Married in 1950 to Nikolai Johansen from Herøy.
  • Anny Petrine, born August 16, 1929, died March 22, 1996. Married to Johan Kyllingmo.

IV) Nikolai Pareli Johansen, born September 3, 1922 at Tenna, Herøy (on the Nordland coast). Married in 1950 to Anna from this farm. They had 2 children:

  • Elsa, born October 16, 1950. Married in 1969 to Odd Trettbakk.
  • Asbjørn, born July 6, 1955. Farmer at Reinåmo 3.

V) Asbjørn Johansen, born July 6, 1955. Married in 1984 to Marrianne Rabliås from Bleikvasslia (and since divorced). They had 2 children:

  • Inge, born July 9, 1983
  • Monica, born July 6, 1987

As of August 2001 units 1 and 3 have formed a joint venture to cooperate on farming (called "samdrift" in Norwegian). This coop was dissolved when Asbjørn joined Reinåga samdrift coop in 2007.

Farm Unit (Brennhaug, commonly known as Kattuglhullet, or «Høl'n»), a "husmannsplass" at Unit 1.

i) Hans Nilsen, born 1794, died August 27, 1853, came from Brygfjelddalen. He was married in 1830 to Ane Nilsdatter, from Oterbrand, born 1798, died around 1875. They had 5 children:

  • Gulle Hanssen, born September 27, 1829
  • Nils Lornts Hanssen, born July 21, 1832, died June 25, 1834
  • Johanna Hansdatter, born September 26, 1834, died July 10, 1928 in Bryggfjelldalen.
  • Nils Andreas Hanssen, born August 1831, died July 21, 1913 at Boldermoen.
  • Lars Hanssen, born July 15, 1840. Emigrated to USA in 1866 from Bodø on the Frigate «Norden». Lars married Sara Pedersdatter, b. 1838, from Stor-Alteren in Rana. They lived at the neighbouring farm Boldermoen (cotter's pl. Køtamoen). In Norway they had one child: Lars Heitmann, b. 1865. In America this son was called Lewis Hanson. In 1880 the family lived in Arcadia, Trempealeau county, Wisconsin. By then they had four more children, all born in Wisconsin: Anna (13), Hansena (10), Josephine (7) and Samuel (3).

ii) Gulle Hanssen, born September 27, 1829, died October 30, 1919. Married in 1864 to Marit Eriksdatter, born 1817, died 1888, from Bygdåsen 2. They had no children.

iii) Gabriel Gabrielsen, born April 19, 1852, died February 28, 1944, was the son of Gabriel Johnsen (see unit No 2, the children of farmer John Pedersen) and Andrine Jeremiassen. When Gabriel was 6 years old he came to Reinåmoen (unit 2) until he took over Brendhaug some time before 1891. Gabriel Gabrielsen was married in 1889 to Pauline Christoffersdatter from Tortenli in Hattfjelldal, born 1860, died 1921. They had one child:

  • Georg Johan Gabrielsen, born December 3, 1891

iv) Georg Johan Gabrielsen, born 1891, died June 16, 1976, was married in 1921 to Anna Martinsen from Kyllingmoen, born 1896, died 1980. They moved to Bleikvasslia (Sørli) around 1936. They had 5 children:

  • Kåre Martin Jul, born December 24 1921. Changed name to Kåre Sørli
  • Pauline, born August 7, 1928. Married Aas
  • Agnar Georg, born June 14, 1929. Changed name to Agnar Sørli
  • John Norvald, born September 18, 1932. Changed name to John Bakken
  • Gudrun Anette, born April 28, 1936. Married at Kyllingmoen to Agnar Kyllingmo.

v) Nils Martin Reinåmo, born January 19, 1913, from farm No 1, was the farmer from 1938. Married in 1938 to Margit Otelia Krokmo, born 1921, from Bryggfjelldalen. They had 3 children:

  • Knut Reinåmo, born August 6, 1943
  • Bjørg Reinåmo, born March 15, 1944. Lives in Bleikvasslia.
  • Otto Reinåmo, born January 22, 1946, died December 22, 1971.

vi) Knut Reinåmo, born 1943, married in 1966 to Rutt Irene Thoresen, born 1948. They had two children:

  • Anita Kristin Reinåmo, born March 6, 1968
  • Heidi Synnøve Reinåmo, born April 19, 1970

Knut was married again in 1985 to Berit Oliva Myrdal, born 1942. No children.

Farm Unit No 9 Stormoen (cut out from No 1 in 1949)

1) Hans Johan Reinåmo, born November 30, 1923, from No 1. Married to Thora Kristine Trones, born 1916, died 1985, from No 3. They had 2 children:

  • Torfinn Hallgeir Reinåmo, born April 30, 1946
  • Kjellaug Reinåmo, born November 26, 1951. Married at Tveråen to Jarle Tverå.

2) Torfinn Reinåmo, born 1946. Not married. No children.

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